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Patient Navigator

A patient navigator program is designed to help improve access to cancer screening and address the delays in clinical follow-up and barriers to cancer care that patients may encounter.

A patient navigator is a member of the healthcare team who helps patients “navigate” the healthcare system and get timely care. The Medical Center has a patient navigator on staff for cancer patients to help guide their journey through their illness, bringing healthcare and life care together.

The patient navigator offers a full range of clinical advocacy and care management services. Navigators help coordinate patient care, connect patients with resources, and help patients understand the healthcare system.

Patient navigators remove barriers to care and ensure that patients don’t fall through the cracks so they can complete their treatment and have a more successful health outcome. This may include finding doctors, explaining treatment and care options, going with patients to doctor appointments, communicating with their healthcare team, assisting caregivers, and managing medical paperwork. At The Medical Center there is no charge for the services of the patient navigator.

Patients with navigators also receive culturally competent care that is also:

  • Confidential
  • Respectful
  • Compassionate
  • Mindful of the patient’s safety

Receiving care from a patient navigator can make a difference in the way newly diagnosed cancer patients feel about their care. Patient’s with a patient navigator report fewer problems than patients without one. The patients with navigators feel more involved with their care, more informed as to how cancer affects their life, and are better prepared for the future.

For more information about The Medical Center’s Patient Navigator Program, call Melanie Wilson, R.T. (RT) at 270-745-1825.