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ICU is an 11-bed surgical/medical critical care unit. ICU provides specialized care for critically ill patients with surgical, medical, trauma, pediatric and some cardiac diagnosis. ICU is a designated stroke unit. As members of the Code Blue and Rapid Response teams, RNs in ICU respond to all cardiac/respiratory arrests and Rapid Response calls.

Monitoring is performed from the patient bedside with a central monitor at the nursing station. Equipment includes ventilators, ICP monitors, and hemodynamic monitoring. Nursing staff utilize computerized charting and Pevco tube system for rapid transport of medication.

Patients are cared for by registered nurses 24 hours a day who are assisted by certified nursing assistants and monitor technicians. Depending on patient need and acuity, staffing ratios range for 1:1 to 1:3. The average daily census is 10 and average length of stay is 5 days.